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May 13, 2023

Welcome to Corbacraft

Welcome to Corbacraft

Release Date: 5/26/23 4:30PM EST
Server IP (JAVA): play.corbacraft.com

The latest version of Corbacraft survival soon to be released. Below is as report as to what that all entails.

What is Corbacraft?

 Corbacraft is a friendly Minecraft survival server with an emphasis on community engagement and economics. Players are able to team up with their friends, claim land, open shops, complete quest, and do jobs all to earn money to buy fun upgrades for their survival experience while competing to become the wealthiest nation on the server.


Upon first join you will choose 1 of 3 classes (farmer, miner, and warrior) each class has access to their own shop in which they can sell particular items to make money. This is one of many ways players can make money on Corbacraft.wide-1


Another great way to earn money is by completing deliveries. These are side missions in which you bring an order of requested items to the delivery man in spawn. He then pays you for the items. Learn more about deliveries HERE.

Lands (PR)

We have chosen a new land claiming plugin, one in which players can actually develop nations by utilizing other players lands and compete against other nations. While there is a war feature on this plugin I have not implemented it at this time. This is something we may visit in the future. To learn how to use the new plugin click HERE.

Quest (PR)

Back by popular demand. Quest are a very simple topic. Complete quest to earn money and more difficult quest that pay higher returns. A great way to make a little extra money.

Upgrade Shop

This is a new concept for Corbacraft. As you may have heard we no longer have what I would consider to be the standard player ranking system. Instead we have a class system. This means there needs to be a way to earn more homes, player warps, auction house slots, and other permissions of the sort. These are now all purchasable from the upgrade shop. Good news to those with store ranks I tried to also include a little something for you all in there as well.

Marriage (PR)

Per player request the marriage plugin is back. There is a slight catch though. It now requires a priest to marry you (not a real one its ok). Our head priest Color is in charge of making certain players priest. He doesn't know this yet but this is going to be a whole project for him. With that being said the only thing to note is that you have to be a least MVP rank to marry.

Dynmap (PR)

You can now view a live map of the server at all times. This map can be viewed HERE. This is something that's actually new for me so expect some additions and updates to it over time.

Crates (PR)

A standard in Minecraft servers it seems the crate system. We have added the crates system back with some modified crates thanks to Josh. We have decided we are going to sell keys to the crates in the server store. The reason being because I want to expand the server to higher levels and it will require funding to do so. On the flip side you can now buy crate keys from the "Upgrade Shop".crates

Player Warps (PR)

Player warps are back by request nothing to crazy to say about them other then they cost 15k to purchase and you start with only 1. You can buy more from the upgrade shop.

Auction House (PR)

While it isn't the live auction feature that was requested we have added the auction house back (/ah). Again players can purchase more slots from the upgrade menu. Depending on how busy chat is we may or may not add live auctions. I have found live auctions floods the chat with nasssty messages.


This is by far my favorite newest feature. I feel it adds a completely new aspect of gameplay to Corbacraft. While I can't share the details of the blackmarket just know its worth while and I wish you the best of luck finding it.

Daily Reward

We have made some modifications to the daily chest. Instead of it being a chest its now a GUI menu you can open by right clicking Mr. Jones in spawn. He offers various rewards (daily, weekly, and monthly) he also offers a premium option you will have to figure out how to get access to that. ;)

Biome Warps

Biome warps are back in spawn using the more classical method, portals. You can also still /wild.biomewarps

New Wiki/Docs

Because of the extensive amount of new features I have taken the time to develop a new server Wiki. This will guide you through most of your problems. If someone has something they want to contribute to the Wiki please reach out in a Discord ticket. You can view the new Wiki HERE.


Voting is back and working properly. You can vote on all of our sites for 4 keys per day.

New Website:

I took a poll recently on the server discord in which it was a vote to rid ourselves of the forums or keep them. The results showed we don't use the forums at all. So instead I decided to remove the forums and go back to my favorite CMS platform for the website. While it may not look fancy I feel it simplifies and helps people find what they are looking for faster. I also love this platform. (did I mention that already?)

Other Facts

  • World size is 5000 blocks (increases on 1.20 release date)
  • Nether and End are both 10k blocks
  • Fly is disabled in the Nether and End
  • There is a PVP arena in spawn
  • There are leaderboards in spawn
  • Server hardware was upgraded