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We aim to keep our server a safe and welcoming environment for all players. Because of this, we have a few simple rules we require you to follow to ensure you interact with others respectfully.

Note: A violation of these rules leaves the punishment at the staff member's discretion. Any appeals must be made in the Discord by creating a ticket.

Chat Rules

Be Respectful

 This is our most important rule. Please be kind and respectful to other players. If you can’t, don’t talk to them. This means avoid arguments if possible, don’t troll or pick on people without their consent, no doxxing or threats, no spamming, no bigotry.

Inappropriate Content

 See above re: Respect. Please keep all chat messages family friendly as we have a wide range of ages here with us. No heavy swearing, nothing pornographic or otherwise sexually explicit, no drug mention, no bad news from IRL (within reason), no arguing religion or politics. Additionally, please keep all usernames and server nicknames appropriate as well.

Don't Try to Bypass the Chat Filter

 If we have certain words blocked in chat, they’re blocked for a reason. Do not try to bypass the chat filter. Example: D4mn, Sh!t, etc.

No Advertising

 Do not advertise other servers; No intentional advertising or marketing of any products or outside services. You may recommend a neat product in conversation, but do not advertise. Use common sense here.
 Additionally, please keep self promotion within reasonable limits. You may plug your content in our discord's media channel if your content is mostly family friendly, and if it doesn't primarily feature smaller servers. Content about Corbacraft is preferred and appreciated, but in no way required.

English Only in Public Chat

 Please try to keep public chat English only. If you do not speak English, please consider using a translator. This rule is so that staff can properly moderate chat. Staff will always try to help, no matter the language.

Game Rules

No Griefing

 Do not break, take from, or add to any player made structure without permission. This means no destroying houses, taking from chests, etc.

No X-Ray

 Do not use any hacked client, mod, or resourcepack which gives an “x-ray” ability. This is listed separately from “No Hacked Clients” for clarity, as x-ray being available as a resourcepack makes some folks think it’s allowed. It isn’t.

No Hacked Clients or Unfair Mods

 Do not use any hacked clients, cheat menus, or unfair mods. Unfair mods are defined as mods which give an unfair advantage over players on a vanilla client. Ask a staff member if you need help determining what is allowed and what is not.

Examples of Allowed Mods: Optifine, Minimap with radars off, any client-side cosmetic mods (Falling Leaves, Shaders, etc), etc

Examples of Forbidden Mods: X-Ray, Autoclicker, Minimap with radars on, any hacked client or mod which adds features of a hacked client.

No Abusing Exploits or Glitches

 Do not use, abuse, or exploit any loopholes, glitches, or oversights in Minecraft or any of our plugins. This can be broad, but use common sense. If the behavior of a feature doesn’t seem right, don’t use it for your own gain, report it!

As for vanilla exploits, a good rule of thumb is to avoid duplication glitches. (TNT dupes, etc)

No Inappropriate Builds

 Do not make any inappropriate builds. The same rules listed above in the “Chat” section apply here.

No Player Trapping or PvP Without Permission

 Do not intentionally make any sort of playertrap. Restricting the movement of another player or intentionally causing another player to die without their consent is not allowed.

Examples of a player trap: trapped nether portal, tpa to fall damage, pushing afk players to their deaths, etc)

No Scams or Troll Auction House Listings

 Do not scam or intentionally mislead other players, particularly when buying, selling, or otherwise trading with other players.
 Additionally, please do not make intentionally overpriced items on the auction house.

No Troll Claims

 Do not make claims just to troll people or be a nuisance. Please only make a land claim if you’re genuinely trying to protect it from griefing. Please also remember to maintain a 50 block minimum between your claim and another player’s.
 Additionally, if a claim dispute were to occur, the person who was there first gets the rights to the area. This is decided with our logs, so there should be no confusion.

No Free Currency

 Please do not give other players free currency. Currency whether digital or physical (CC or diamonds) must always be exchanged for goods or services. Within reason- there may be some edge cases in which a little is alright. Use common sense or ask staff members.

Respect Other's Space

 Players reserve the right to forbid other players to enter their private claims at their discretion. So if someone wants you to leave their space temporarily or indefinitely, listen! This goes back into our rule re: Respect. However, playerwarps (/pwarp) are considered to be "public". Therefore if you need a player to stay away from one of your playerwarps, please contact a staff member. (Private areas of a playerwarp are considered to be a private claim. i.e. "employee only" section of a shop)

Miscellaneous Rules

Account Rules

 No account sharing or intentionally using alts to give an unfair advantage. Additionally, please have no more than two accounts online per person.

Don't Encourage Rule Breaking

 This one’s self explanatory. Don’t unironically encourage rule-breaking. A little silly goofy is alright, but don’t go around recommending whatever hacked clients are en vogue.

No Grooming or Stalking

 No grooming, stalking, or otherwise inappropriate relations or actions towards other players, particularly minors. Any inappropriate behavior towards a minor in game or on discord will result in a ban.