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May 19, 2023

New Bosses

New Bosses

With the new update comes new boss battles. We are releasing with 3 boss fights to be completed. Each boss fight has there own unqiue reward. These are to be treated as collectible items and will be impossible to earn after the boss fight has been removed.

Learn how to start a boss fight, the rewards they offer, and tips on our wiki.

Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones, has been hiding in the world of Corbacraft for some time. He was recently captured by the Bounty Hunter however he needs your help to help eliminate him for good!

Mr. Bones has many helpful family members be aware they may come to his aid.

Mr. Bones is beleived to be in possession of a valuable weapon.


Midnight has been locked away in the Bounty Hunters basement in a cage for some time. Its said she has called in her warriors to help her escape. The Bounty Hunter needs your help to prevent the escape!

Midnight is said to be in possesssion of a VERY valuable clothing item.


One of the best warriors of his time. Gladius welcomes any battle against him. Its been said that Gladius used to claim bounties for the Bounty Hunter. Reach out to him to request a battle against him. Be weary Gladius is so confident in his ability that he has offered his sword to anyone that beats him.

Gladius's sword is said to have been forged in a pool of liquid diamond, making it one of the most RARE and valuable items of all time.