How to Earn CorbaCash

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How to earn money?
In this guide we'll be explaining every single way you could possibly earn diamonds on Philia. We have quite a few ways to earn money, we'll start off with the most basic ways where the server will be giving you money and then we'll elaborate on all ways you can earn money by selling to other players.

  • Voting:
    One of the easiest way to earn money. With every single vote you'll be able to earn 1 Diamond (a total of 9 diamonds when you voted on all site, as you get an extra 4 diamonds if you vote on all websites in a day). You will also get 50 claimblocks and a vote key with every vote. You van vote here or by running /vote in-game and click the empty map and use the links given in chat.
  • Daily Chest:
    Probably even easier than voting, warp to "/warp Daily" and open the chest straight in front of you. You'll be able to receive 1-9 diamonds, some experience and some other cool items. You're only able to open this chest once every 24 hours.

Next up, we'll be going over all possible ways you can earn money from buying/selling or even providing services to other players:

  • Auction House:
    With the auction house you'll be able to put up any of your items for sale. Your items will be up for sale for a maximum amount of time of 1 week. After this time the auction will expire and you'll be able to recollect your item. Be sure not to sell any time

    A few useful commands:
    • /ah - open the auction house
    • /ah sell <price> <amount> - sell the item(s) you're currently holding in your hand for the price of your choice (be sure not to exaggerate the price, your item will be removed from the auction house)
    • /ah selling - Check out all the items you're currently selling
  • Chest Shop:
    • Sell items to other players

      Buy items from other players

      Barter items with other players

      Combine a buying and selling shop into one

      This example sells or buys 4 of the item. When players click the left side of the sign it buys 4 of the item for 2 currency. When players click the right side of the sign, it sells 4 of the item for 3 currency.

      IMPORTANT: Any shop can be made into an admin shop (a shop that does not need to be stocked with items or currency) by adding the keyword 'admin' to the last line of the sign when creating the shop.
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