Corbacraft SMP October Update 10.3.22


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Hey Corbacrafters!

I’m happy to announce the October update will be releasing 10.3.22. This is the first major monthly update we will be releasing since the reimagined was opened. The plan is to release at least one per month at the start of the month.

Release Date: 10.3.22

With that being said lets move into the update! As always you can find a Corbacraft News
video here to view the information as well.

Major Changes:

Vote crate has been buffed with the following changes.
Increase chance of receiving an uncommon key
Increase in the amount of claim blocks awarded
Increase in the amount of Corbacash received
Iron and Coal Blocks reward amount increased from 32 to a full stack of 64
Diamond reward increased from 1 diamond to 3 diamonds
Iron boots and helmet swapped out for diamond boots and helmet

Sleep to skip night plugin has been added. This is the same plugin we had used in past iterations of the server with some minor changes. Rather then requiring half of the server to sleep to skip night we now only require 1/4 (25%) of the server to sleep. Anyone AFK on the server will not be fractured into this count.

Corba rank rewards have been added. When deciding what we wanted to include in these benefits we had to be careful to ensure nothing was to overpowering. With that being said we do plan to add more benefits as we continue to balance. The Corba rank now has access to the following.

/kit corba
Set 15 homes
/hdb (heads database) A collection of heads that can be used as decorations for your builds.
HeadsDatabase /hdb

Nether claims are now enabled. Meaning you can now claim land in the Nether world. This comes after I observed various players creating farms in the nether for things such as Wither Skulls, gold, and xp. The Nether and End will still reset occasionally. The goal is every couple of months. I would expect one for the November update.

Basic Server Changes:

Server side render distance has been increased from 5 to 7. This change was made after some observations of our server performance was conducted. It was determined we will likely be able to increase the render distance with little performance impact. This will continue to adjust over time based on player counts and lag statistics.

RGB Chat for Devine+ rank(s). Devine, Corba, Devoted, and Supporter will now be able to use RGB in chat, and on signs.

Mob spawning has been disabled in the mineworld by request. I thought this suggestions was a good ideas as it will allow more mobs to spawn in the overworld, assisting with mob farms and so on.

Join messages have been added. This was more so a bug that I finally got around to fixing.

Mineworld world has been reset. As intended the Mineworld has been reset to renew some resources that may be hard to find in the normal world.

Side note: The admin team has arranged to hold meetings discussing how we are going to proceed with events. More information about the future events will be coming soon. We intend to host our first major one Corbaween towards the end of the month.


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