Corbacraft Reimagined Update (Sunday 4PM)


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Hey Corbacrafters!
I’m here to announce our next major update! Corbacraft Reimagined
I have laid this post at in a way that’s efficient to read yet detailed for those who appreciate the extra information.

Release Date: 9.18.22 at 4PM EST.

- Map, economy, and ranks will reset. (Not store ranks)
- Based off the original design of Corbacraft
- Fewer GUIS and more community based features
- Complete rework of the events (fewer events, but more grand)
- Crate keys are back (in a non pay 2 win fashion)
- Store ranks can now rank up through the player rank system as well.
- Player warps are back
- More parkours, and mazes with daily loot


These are the basic settings of the server. Note the world border may expand further into the season.

Map size: 15000
Nether and End Map Size: 10000
Mineworld Map Size: 5000
Difficulty: Normal

PVP disabled in all worlds
Flying is only enabled in the mineworld, and normal world.
Killing the Ender Dragon has a chance of dropping an elytra and/or shulker shells

The Vision:
The vision I had for this rework is to bring back the original concept and ideas behind the creation of Corbacraft. Of course I wanted to make sure all of these original concepts are modernized to fit the desire of todays players. With that being said an emphasis has been put on community based Minecraft rather then plugin based. Below you will find a brief of some of the features we will release with.

We are bringing back the Corbacash rather then the diamond based economy. As time has passed I’ve come to realize utilizing a Corbacash economy is much simpler and easier to manage in terms of putting values on items in game. Money can be earned from various activities such as; completing mazes, completing parkours, the daily chest, any crates, selling items to players via shops and auction house, and finally each rank earns a set amount of Corbacash every 10 minutes. The global economy will be viewable using the /Baltop command and view your own using /bal.

We have decided to do away with the GUI based shop. Instead we are bringing back the chest shop styled shops. For a guide on how to use the sign shop plugin click

Player Warps:
We have added player warps back. These warps can be used for anything a player desires to share with others. Ideas such as a player shop, player markets, towns/cities, farms, player made events, and so much more. As you rank up through the player ranks you unlock more player warps that you can buy. Each player warp cost 2000cc.

Store Rank System

We have revamped our store ranks to include less pay 2 win features and a more balanced gameplay. Donor ranks will no longer have a full prefix unless they are Supporter. Rather they will have a basic suffix representing their rank. This is to allow them to display their player rank as well. The suffixes are as follows.

Groovy: G
Devine: D
Corba: C

Player Rank System

We have made our in game rank system more inclusive even allowing store rank owners to rank up. A complete overhaul providing more perks and more incentives to purchase in game ranks. A complete run down of the ranks can be found below.

Starter rank with base features.

Earn 75cc per 10 minutes
Set 1 player warp
Auction 2 items at once

Earn 100cc per 10 minutes
Access to one time /kit knight

Earn 150cc per 10 minutes
Set 3 player warps
Auction 3 items at once

Earn 250cc per 10 minutes
Access to one time /kit royal

Land Claiming:
We have made some drastic changes to the way you earn and the amount of claim blocks you receive. For example you now only start the server with the ability to claim one chunk. However you now earn claimblocks from simply being on the server, a large amount from vote crates, and you have the ability to buy them. We have made this change to challenge you all as players to strategically work together, think about where you place your builds, and putting even more value into land.

Learn how to claim land

Ways to Earn Claim Blocks:
Simply playing on the server
Purchasing using Corbacash
Vote Crates (Best)

There are now 4 different crates you can earn by voting. The only way to earn these crate keys is by voting, or purchasing them from other players. Below is a list of various crates.

Vote Crate:
Earn 1 key for each time you vote.
Common Crate:
Earn from the vote crate.
Uncommon Crate:
Earned from the vote crate.
Rare Crate:
Earned from the vote crate. Contains one unique artifact item that is periodically replaced by another.