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  1. ergology

    Corbacraft SMP Update 10.10.22

    RELEASE DATE: NOW Hey Corbacrafters! Here with another update post today that I have been working on. Initially I wanted to release this with the original October update however it simply wasn't ready yet. With that being said lets jump into this! Introducing Quest Quest are something I...
  2. ergology

    Ban Appeal-Queen Ruby

    After some discussion it was determined your ban will be lifted tmrw evening. Thank you.
  3. ergology

    Corbacraft SMP October Update 10.3.22

    Hey Corbacrafters! I’m happy to announce the October update will be releasing 10.3.22. This is the first major monthly update we will be releasing since the reimagined was opened. The plan is to release at least one per month at the start of the month. Release Date: 10.3.22 With that...
  4. ergology

    Ban Appeal-Queen Ruby

    This will be discussed by admins in the coming days. You will be able to stay up to date here.
  5. ergology

    Corbacraft Reimagined Update (Sunday 4PM)

    Hey Corbacrafters! I’m here to announce our next major update! Corbacraft Reimagined I have laid this post at in a way that’s efficient to read yet detailed for those who appreciate the extra information. Release Date: 9.18.22 at 4PM EST. KEY POINTS: - Map, economy, and ranks will reset...
  6. ergology

    TheAngryDolphin4's Staff Application

    Great application I will be in touch sometime soon. :D
  7. ergology

    minioned / Lana's staff application

    Great application! Perfect responses and to the point. :D
  8. ergology

    New Corbacraft Website

    Hey Corbacrafters! I bring you all some exciting news! We have completely redesigned our website from the ground up. Our previous website was great however I wanted to do away with a few things such as the verification step. You will likely see this change soon in Discord as well. Another and...
  9. ergology

    How to Make an Appeal

    If you have been banned/muted/jailed for at least more than a day, you are free to appeal your ban here. Please note that discussions could take some time and your punishment may be lifted by the time a decision has been made. Do not use this as a way of getting the ban/mute/jail "wiped off"...
  10. ergology

    Staff Application Guidelines/Rules

    Applying For Server Staff ___________________________________ Rules/Requirements Available Roles Staff Ranking System Suggested Formatting Required Questions Optional Questions ___________________________________ Rules/Requirements: -The minimum age for applying for the staff team is 13...
  11. ergology

    Vote to Support Corbacraft

    By voting for Corbacraft you not only support the server, you also get some awesome in game rewards such as a vote key to open the voting crate. We appreciate your help in spreading Corbacraft to the masses. Vote Link 1- Vote Link 2 - Vote Link 3 -...
  12. ergology

    How to Earn CorbaCash

    How to earn money? In this guide we'll be explaining every single way you could possibly earn diamonds on Philia. We have quite a few ways to earn money, we'll start off with the most basic ways where the server will be giving you money and then we'll elaborate on all ways you can earn money by...
  13. ergology

    Claiming Land

    Claiming Your Land Required Materials: Golden Shovel Stick Commands For Claiming: /abandonclaim - abandons the claim you are standing in if it is your own (you keep your claimblocks) /abandonallclaims - abandons all of your claims. (you keep your claimblocks) /claimexplosions - allows you to...
  14. ergology

    Server Rules

    CorbaCraft Server Rules All our survival servers have a small list of rules that you must abide by while playing. You will find, below, a COMPLETE list of our server rules. Unless otherwise indicated, these sets of rules should apply to ALL our servers. Chat Rules This section consists of...
  15. ergology

    Bedrock Guide

    Mobile & PC Connection: Launch Minecraft (Mobile or Windows 10) Click "Play" Click "Servers" Scroll down to "Add Server" and click Server name does not matter, feel free to submit anything. Enter in the Server Address field and click "Save" The server will pop up at the...