Oct 10


Hey Corbacrafters!

Here with another update post today that I have been working on. Initially I wanted to release this with the original October update however it simply wasn't ready yet. With that being said lets jump into this!

Introducing Quest

Quest are something I have wanted to add to the server on release however I wanted to make sure they weren't to complex or to simple. I believe I have found a balance of just that. A simple quest experience that is fun and rewarding at the same time.

The quest can be accessed in game by either the NPC in...
Oct 02

Hey Corbacrafters!

I’m happy to announce the October update will be releasing 10.3.22. This is the first major monthly update we will be releasing since the reimagined was opened. The plan is to release at least one per month at the start of the month.

Release Date: 10.3.22

With that being said lets move into the update! As always you can find a Corbacraft News
video here to view the information as well.

Major Changes:

Vote crate has been buffed with the...
Sep 13

Hey Corbacrafters!
I’m here to announce our next major update! Corbacraft Reimagined
I have laid this post at in a way that’s efficient to read yet detailed for those who appreciate the extra information.

Release Date: 9.18.22 at 4PM EST.

- Map, economy, and ranks will reset. (Not store ranks)
- Based off the original design of Corbacraft
- Fewer GUIS and more community based features
- Complete rework of the events (fewer events, but more grand)
- Crate keys are back (in a non pay 2 win fashion)
- Store ranks can now rank up through the player rank system as well.
- Player warps are back
- More parkours, and mazes with daily loot


These are the basic...
Jun 27
Hey Corbacrafters!

I bring you all some exciting news! We have completely redesigned our website from the ground up. Our previous website was great however I wanted to do away with a few things such as the verification step. You will likely see this change soon in Discord as well.

Another and my primary reason for the change is I am now back and appreciate this content management system more as I'm familiar with it.

Some of the things you should note about the new site:
  • You will need to create a new account. Your old login info will not work.
  • All of your old post and applications will need to be resubmitted.
  • Some of the guides have been removed for updating.
  • We have scaled back our vote links to only 4 rather then 6
Over the next few days I will be doing regular maintenance on the site to ensure all is functioning properly. If you notice any issues that need to be fixed please open a ticket on our Discord.


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