Sep 13

Hey Corbacrafters!
I’m here to announce our next major update! Corbacraft Reimagined
I have laid this post at in a way that’s efficient to read yet detailed for those who appreciate the extra information.

Release Date: 9.18.22 at 4PM EST.

- Map, economy, and ranks will reset. (Not store ranks)
- Based off the original design of Corbacraft
- Fewer GUIS and more community based features
- Complete rework of the events (fewer events, but more grand)
- Crate keys are back (in a non pay 2 win fashion)
- Store ranks can now rank up through the player rank system as well.
- Player warps are back
- More parkours, and mazes with daily loot


These are the basic...
Jun 27
Hey Corbacrafters!

I bring you all some exciting news! We have completely redesigned our website from the ground up. Our previous website was great however I wanted to do away with a few things such as the verification step. You will likely see this change soon in Discord as well.

Another and my primary reason for the change is I am now back and appreciate this content management system more as I'm familiar with it.

Some of the things you should note about the new site:
  • You will need to create a new account. Your old login info will not work.
  • All of your old post and applications will need to be resubmitted.
  • Some of the guides have been removed for updating.
  • We have scaled back our vote links to only 4 rather then 6
Over the next few days I will be doing regular maintenance on the site to ensure all is functioning properly. If you notice any issues that need to be fixed please open a ticket on our Discord.


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