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Sep 27, 2023

Hope Ya Like Reading! | Community Post #9

 Howdy howdy! It's been a while. Apologies for the absence of posts, first I was on a hayfield and then on a sick bed. I'll try to make it up to y'all with an extra long one this time :P

 We've got Event news, multiple Featured Builds, a Featured Creator, a better late than never changelog, a suggestion seminar, and more!

Featured Builds

 We've got multiple this time. >:3

Remember this post's title?

 Our first Featured Build is a fantastic and vast library built by Wave_Zen! You'll find it by going to /pwarp Archive. It's not just for decoration! In this massive reader's paradise you'll also find shops! Books, enchantment books, emeralds, etc. can be purchased, and I've even heard you may find player-written books here! Go check it out, I love this build :D

 The screenshots really don't do it justice. Go check it out and congrats to WaveZen!

Civilization, I'll stay right here 🎶

 Forgive my sudden burst into song, I can't help myself. Seeing players carve out bastions of civilization in the wild and unforgiving wilderness just moves me to raise my voice into a cheery tune. (Ignore that the song I am referencing has the opposite message, hehe.) The bastion of civilization I'm referring to is of course Shurgsville! You'll find this town at /pwarp Shurgs.

 Shurgsville has new plots available for homes, and is even expanding into a market district! Market plots cost 10k, but the first 7 folks to claim a market plot will get theirs at no cost thanks to a generous donation from Wave_Zen! Hurry up and get your market plot at Shurgsville before the free ones run out, nerds!

 Give Shurgsville a visit and congrats to AxolotlQueen for organizing this town and to everyone who's made a home here :)

I've achieved like, inner peace, man.

 This next Featured Build just fills me with peace. Who needs a healthy lifestyle and a good support net when you've got an awesome tree and temple to hang at? I'll be here for a while, thanks. This fantastic temple and tree was build by DIFMO!

 Congrats to DIFMO for making this awesome temple!

Hope ya've got yer sea legs!

 Our final Featured Build is a cute riverboat made by doofis! You'll find it just outside of /pwarp Soggyness.

 Congrats to doofis!

Featured Players

 Once again we've got multiple. Making up for lost time, past and future. (I'll be going on vacation in a couple of months. Yes, that's a ways away but dang it you deserve quality content to re-read in that time. You re-read these, right? Right? 🥺)


Our first Featured Player is our very own AxolotlQueen! She's been here for a while; longer than me, in fact. Truly, I wouldn't be here if not for her, but I digress. Emily is a builder and longtime valued community member. Here's what Ruby had to say in her nomination :)

 Congrats, Emily!


 Our next Featured Player is HTTP_403. Another long time player, shenanigan enjoyer, and event tryhard. HTTP_403 is sure to cause laughs and fun when they're around, and I'm glad they're here with us. Here's what Emily had to say in her nomination:

 With a nomination like that I reckon it oughta be an UnFeatured Player. Hmm. Much to ponder. We'll call it both. Congrats, HTTP!


 Our last Featured Player is Kovaris! Emily nominated Kovaris for helping construct /pwarp Place! Congrats, Kovaris!

Featured Creator

 This is a new segment for featuring members of our community that produce content about our server. Our first Featured Creator is a long time member of our community, AflyingGiraffe! The following video is an archive of screenshots going back many years, I think it speaks for itself.

Make Your Voice Heard!

 We've got a suggestion seminar coming up! If you're not in the loop, a suggestion seminar is where members of our community get in a voice call with us, the admins. We may ask some questions re: what y'all want from the server, and y'all may come to us with suggestions. We've got two dates, September 28th @ 4PM EST and October 1st @ 6:30PM EST. We hope to see ya there!

Some Event News!

 Our first returning event will be a boat race! We're rebuilding an event world from our old build world, and things are hard to find, so please be patient. Our plan is for one event to be released per week after this. Currently working on testing this boat race and training new event recruits and we'll release and host! Thanks to everyone who has missed our beloved events. Love y'all. 🫶

Mascot Competition Over

 Our Mascot Competition is now over. Thanks to all who entered and shared your art. A winner has been chosen and will be announced and lavished with much thanks once our new mascot is revealed.

This is Halloween!

 Corbaween will not be hosted this year due to a lack of resources. Fret not! We've still got some festivities in mind. Currently brainstorming a couple of server-wide competitions that can be done! Don't want to say anything in specific, no one's getting an early advantage!

A Quick Changelog

  • Disguises have returned!
  • Cosmetics have been added! Music, Particles, and more!
  • Crates have been added to obtain these :)

Discussion Question

 What is your favorite thing about Halloween? 🎃

 Thanks everyone for reading! I'm looking forward to the future and I hope y'all are too :)