Corbacraft Reborn

Release Date: 3/20/24 7PM EST.

It’s been a long time since Corbacraft has received a large rework and overall drastic change of design. I am happy to announce we have finally decided its the right time to completely rebrand and alter Corbacraft as we know it.

Why The Changes?

Most of you all know I (Ergology) have become very busy with life in general. From my full time job, and interest in pursing alternate endeavors it’s become apparent Corbacraft has been neglected. In the past we have had a large staff team, daily events, proprietary build teams, and some custom experiences. All of these things take a large amount of time to manage properly and effectively.

Rather then trying to recreate this experience and overwhelm and overwork I have decided along with my fellow admin that its time for a change. When discussing the change I made it clear there are certain things Corbacraft will have to change.

Designing the Server

When designing the new server I set out with the goal to create a community driven, ran, and balanced experience for all. Removing pay2win features, stripping all but two core plugins (aside from staffing ones), and utilizing in game items as a currency. The experience I sought how to develop was a very basic mostly vanilla like one.

Major Changes

Major changes such as removing all teleporting abilities (homes, warps, spawn) will completely change Corbacraft as we know it. With a map size of 10k x 10k players can choose to live in towns, hidden on there own, or to even create there own town. All of these different ways of playing provide there own advantages and disadvantages. I.E Living in a town allows you to quickly access shops other players have created near you, partake in events the town members are running, and develop unique relationships with those that you share the town with.

Another major change we have made is the addition of proximity chat. This new feature will allow you to join a voice channel via web browser upon joining the server. When you are within 100 blocks of other players who have choose to connect to the voice channel you will be able to communicate with them via voice.

With that being said I have decided to highlight other changes below in a more brief fashion.

Other Changes/Information to Note

  • Player count capped at 30 players to prevent lag and allow for similar vanilla mob spawning etc.
  • Any store bought ranks will have priority que skip and access to /nick.
  • Addition of a $5 a month subscription based rank to help fund the server. This rank will receive /nick and que skip.
  • Server will reload every 6 hours to prevent lag.
  • AFK players will be kicked after 500 seconds of AFK time.
  • You will initially start with 8k claim blocks, and gain 200 every hour you play.
  • You can only /rtp, and /wild from spawn. I hope you get the spot you want!
  • Nether roof access is not enabled. (Drastically messes up the spawn rates for others)
  • Nether is 15k x 15k
  • End is 20k x 20k
  • Both the Nether and End are subject to reset if they are destroyed. We will do our best to reset these as little as possible.
  • Any store bought ranks will be transferred over however as mentioned before there are no pay2win benefits.