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Aug 18, 2023

Off With our Heads? | Community Post #7

The head of ColorSplit stuck onto a spike, with the head of Ergology_CC on a spike in the background. a throne is visible

 Howdy! Another one. Read. I speak to you from beyond the grave. But first, other Community Post stuff!

 Also, you'll notice that this community post has a more descriptive title beyond the simple "Community Post #x" naming scheme. Let me know which you prefer on our discord server.

 Today's featured player is Aldrac! Nominated by Steffan_lip, where he says the following:

 Congrats Aldrac!

Some Event Updates

 I'm sure some of y'all are wondering what's going on with the Event team, so I figured I'd keep y'all updated. The gist of it as that we're having a bit of a soft-reset. During the reset before last, the event world slipped through the cracks. So we essentially have to make a new event world. We've still got the build world, which contains all of our events in their freshly made state, so you'll still have all of the events you know and love... eventually.

 Bad news aside, we've got two new event members and one returning, so we're excited for what comes next. Thanks for your patience.

 (Also, give Astro a welcome back to the team, Ruby and Tiny a welcome, and Bec a congratulations on promotion to Event Boss!)

A New Threat Emerges!

 Finally, the best part of this post: I've lost my mind. Well, my head; my mind just happened to be inside of it. Not just me! The other admins lost their heads too. It's very embarrassing. This big tough guy just came and took our heads! I can't believe it. Whatever happened to manners?

 Anyway, his lair looks like this:

An imposing archway is visible built into a hillside. Lanterns hang from the archway.
Spooky :O

 Y'all reckon you can help us out with his unruly fella? There's 200k for whoever is first to avenge us. Thank you.

Discussion and Closing

What's something you're surprised hasn't been added to Minecraft yet? Let me know on our discord server!

 Thanks as always for reading!