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Aug 4, 2023

Community Post #6

A minecraft build of a sea monster attacking a boat

 Howdy! I've just gotten back from visiting family, and straight away I'm writing because a lot has happened! So buckle up because today's might be a long one.

 We've got a new boss that won't stick around for long, a new guide book, some updates to go over, a banana cult, some player projects, and more!

A New Boss Appears!

 A new fiery boss has been discovered! You'll find a weary and afraid traveller outside of our spawn. Talk to him to get this boss's spawn egg! Good luck!

Fruity Fun?

 While I was away, a group of players seem to have formed some sort of banana group? Hopefully a banana war won't spring up :O (That may be an obscure reference)

Featured Builds

 I couldn't choose just one, so here are a few highlights I've spotted! More to come!

Kraken Attacks!

 Our first Featured Build is the Kraken itself! This looks to be a collaborative build between doofis and The_Soggy_Potato, with doofis making the boat and The_Soggy_Potato making the Kraken! Perhaps the Kraken emerged from the deep aquifer that runs below this river? Very creative build, y'all!

A minecraft build of a sea monster attacking a boat
The Kraken Attacks!


 Second is /pwarp Minigames! This is a player warp made by The_Soggy_Potato that is meant for players to make their own minigames and player events, all in one place. I love this idea, so it's being featured! It's a work in progress and more of a concept than a build, so no photo. But be sure to check it out!

A Place to Vibe!

 Third is another "concept" like the previous Featured Build, but it's neat, I promise. So players who have been with us for a few years may remember a warp around 3 years ago where players could come and place signs, hang out, or whatever else they could think of to do in this space. Well some folks have missed this, so AxolotlQueen is starting it back up! It's brand new and set to expand with usage, so perhaps stop by /pwarp place and leave a sign or just vibe! I'll be there :)

TatoCorp Expands into the Plots Business?

 polkadott_ owns /pwarp TatoCorp. At this warp you'll find a shop, some plots to buy, and what appears to even be the start of a golf course and country club? Fancy! Distinguished, even. Come check it out!

A bridge connecting jungle trees, with a large shop building behind
A Jungle Shop/Club Combo?

A Featured Player and a Featured Staff Member

 We don't normally feature staff members in the community posts. I am an admin, so it would show some bias, right? However today we've got a staff member nominated by a player, and this person deserves it so they won't be left out :D

A Diligent Dev

 Our first nomination is our very own Admin, Josh! He was nominated by AxolotlQueen, and for good reason. Josh has been hard at work since release setting up new features, fixing bugs, and making sure CorbaCraft is running smoothly. Show him your appreciation the next chance ya get :)

Total Eclipse of the Heart 🎶

 If you'll forgive my music reference, I'd also like to feature TheAngryDolphin4, better known as Eclipse. Eclipse was nominated anonymously, but I can say that Eclipse has been with us for quite a while, and is always friendly and helpful. Congrats, Eclipse!

Unfeatured Players

 You may be wondering what in the world I'm talking about, as this is still featuring them, but I thought rather than featuring players in a polite and respectful way for commendable actions and attitudes, I could instead give shoutouts to beings of mischief in a sassy way.


 Our first Unfeatured Player is Steffan_Lip. Steff tried to nominate himself as a Featured Player. Silly goose! You can't do that!! Anyway, Steff has been with us for quite a while and has engaged in many shenanigans and hijinks. Uncongrats, Steff!


 Kyle is our second UnFeatured Player. Kyle's been with us for a while. In the past he's handled command blocks and redstone for the event team, done lots of mischief on the discord server, and more! Uncongrats, Kyle!

Priests Wanted!

 When we last reset, I was made Priest, meaning I can officiate marriages. Well, I am not always online when folks want to marry, so we're looking for more! If you'd like to officiate marriages, please leave your IGN here.

Gamer Guidance

 Thanks to Wave_Zen, Josh, SoyUnGoldor, and Xiguaa, we now have a fantastic guide book for new players in multiple languages! Simply do /kit guide, and by default you'll get the guide in English. On the first page you'll see clickable links that allow you to get the guide in Chinese, French, Spanish, and Dutch! We hope this improves accessibility for those who don't speak English, and again, thanks to all who made it happen! (I LOVE THIS)

A Quick Eggxaltation

 Our End has reset, and with that came a new dragon egg. Congrats to HTTP_403 for getting the egg!

 ... No comment.

Discussion and Close

What has been your favorite "era" of CorbaCraft's history, and how can we (us as staff and you as players), bring back those vibes?

 Let me know on our discord server!

 As always, thanks for reading everyone! This might be our longest post yet (and I wanted to include even more!). This is a great sign. The community seems to be in great shape. Thanks to y'all for being here.

 Not in our discord server yet? Well what are you waiting for?