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Jul 12, 2023

Community Post #5

Community Post #5

Two Deserved Shoutouts, a Tranformational Tease, and Some Information: Legal and Otherwise

 We're back at it, folks! Breaking writer's blocks 'n' Minecraft blocks. In today's post we have the first player-nominated Featured Player and Featured Builds, a tease of something rather transformational, some Black Market info/tease, and some highlights from our last Mob Party (I can't resist, plus highlights for Community Events in the Community Post are too good. (cough easy content cough)

 Within less than two days of me opening nominations up to the playerbase, this player has already been nominated not twice, but thrice. I'm happy to say that WaveZen is our first player-nominated Featured Player! WaveZen only joined recently but in that time has become a valued member of our community. He's helped new players understand the rules when staff aren't around, helped new players with blocks and advice, reported lots of bugs, and is overall a swell fella. Here's some highlights from one of the nominations. (They chose to remain anonymous)

A screenshot of a minecraft book
Image Transcription for whose who need it: https://pastebin.com/dMij6YRm
A screenshot of a minecraft book
Image Transcription for those who need it: https://pastebin.com/TfDKf7LU

 Congrats to WaveZen!

 Our first player-nominated Featured Build is SoyUnGoldor's house. It's a nice house that makes use of the new cherry wood and is reminiscent of old chinese architecture. Nice place!

A screenshot of SoyUnGoldor's house
A screenshot of the interior of SoyUnGoldor's house

Life Changing Change Inbound??

 In the title I promised a transformational change, perhaps larger than a camel's hump.

Me (ColorSplit) standing next to a camel, standing rather tall and proud

Mob Party Highlights

 You know me, I can't resist. Last Mob Party had a few funny moments I'd like to share. I created a repeating command block to infinitely spawn skeletons riding skeleton horses, but forgot to offset the coordinates a few blocks from the command block, so the hitboxes of the mobs blocked the command block. So I couldn't break it. Which caused this:

A multitude of skeleton horses, covering the entire frame
Photo courtesy of AxolotlQueen

 Be sure to join our next Mob Party! Every Saturday at 4 pm EST/EDT!

Some Update Highlights

 Ergo and Josh have been hard at work fixing bugs and implementing server features (you should thank them. go, do it now). Here are some highlights!

  • Issues with villagers have been resolved.
  • Server difficulty changed to Hard. The game is now harder, enjoy.
  • /recipe and /afk are given to players.
  • Y'all can't use /top in the Nether anymore. I practice the community posts up there so it's off limits.
  • Lots of optimizations to hopefully help performance, and because of this:
  • Server render distance has been raised. Go and check out the view!
  • Finally, owned spawners now have a 50% chance to drop when mined. That means you're 50% more likely to be badgered by vanilla purists. (Back in my day we had to make our farms right where we found the spawner! None of this "SilkSpawner" business!!!!)

 As I write this, the admins are discussing a rework/rewrite of the rules. Some players were concerned that they were too vague so we're working at making them more clear. Thanks for your patience :]

Some Illegal Information

 In a previous Community Post, I told of a secret Black Market operating on our server. This must have hurt their secrecy because my sources tell me the Black Market has moved!

 I've also heard whispers and rumors of a fiery new threat coming soon...

Discussion and Closing

What's your favorite memory on CorbaCraft? Let me know on our discord server!

 Thanks for reading, y'all :]