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Jun 30, 2023

Community Post #4

A group photo of all the players who attended.

First Mob Party and a Score of Players!

 It's that time again! This one might be a tad on the shorter side but that's alright. In today's post we've got our first Mob Party (and looking forward to the second, tomorrow as I write this), a recent high playercount, a discussion prompt, and a Featured Build!

Four Score and Seven Years Ago... or Rather, 1 Score and 2 Players Online!

 History jokes aside, we hit a peak of about 22 players the other day. That's awesome! We may have had the same or more at release, which is normal, but weeks down the line and still having so many players active and having fun with the community? That's why I'm here :) Love y'all gamers /p

Mob Party Returns!

We hosted our first Mob Party one week ago as I write this, and it was loads of fun! BEC510 helped host, and will be rejoining the Event Team as we get it back running. (Congrats and welcome back, bestie!) Our new Mob Party arena is sort of a fantasy mushroomy foresty vibe, and I am in love with it. If you like it be sure to give our Build Team a shout! We will be hosting our second Saturday (tomorrow as I write this) at 4PM EST!
Below are some screenshots from Mob Party:

TinyTiger1234 getting obliterated by spiders
A group photo of all the players who attended.

 Featured Builds return, and I am glad to say our first Featured Build is /pwarp Agora! Agora is a massive Greek(?) style building which houses what might be the server's largest playershop. I love the design, and perhaps the pictures speak for themselves. Everyone congratulate FireJem and JM42069!

/pwarp Agora, a large Greek(?) style building filled with nice pillars and spires. It's a playershop
The interior of /pwarp Agora. In frame are multople aisles of shops and support pillars.

Discussion Question and Closing

How did you start playing Minecraft? Share all the nostalgic details. Let me know on our Discord server!

 With that I'll let y'all go, thanks for reading and I hope to see ya next time :P