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Jun 16, 2023

Community Post #3

Mojang's "Block of the Week" mushroom image

1.20, Trivia, and a Fungus Among Us?

 Howdy Corbacrafters, it's that time again! Don't mind the mold, I've still got some fungus under my fingernails, and I fear it may be spreading to this post. 🍄
More on that below ;)

Cheery (or Cherry :P) for 1.20!

 As of the night I wrote this post, Corbacraft is now updated to Minecraft 1.20! This update brings cool things such as the cherry biome, camels, ancient ruins to explore, and more! More information can be found on the Minecraft Wiki here.

 As a silly little thing, I reckon we should do something for 1.20! The first person to send a screenshot of themselves holding the new music disc while riding a camel in the discord will get a cool little goodie box I've put together. (Originally I wanted to add "in a cherry biome" to the end of the challenge. If you wanna go the extra mile and do that too I will love you forever. /p)

Spleef Hosted by a very Fungi!

 A few weeks ago, BEC510 hosted this reset's first player event! It was a very fun mushroom themed spleef! I had a lot of fun destroying all who dare oppose me. Kidding, of course. It was very well made and a lot of fun. Thanks to Bec for hosting and thanks to everyone who attended!!

Queen__Ruby, TinyTiger1234, Avostall, and BEC510 are seen Spleefing in a shroomy arena
Our star, BEC510 is seen posing in front of Avostall and Queen__Ruby, who are spleefing with much ferocity

Trivia Returns! That ain't Trivial :P

 For our first Trivia Question, I wanted it to be relevant to Minecraft's newest update. Send your answer on our discord server for a little prize.

What is the rarest Armor Trim?

Discussion and Closing

What is your favorite feature in Minecraft 1.20? Let me know on our discord!

 I'll let y'all go now, cya gamers!