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May 28, 2023

Community Post #2

"To New Beginnings!" "Luck of the Sea I" "May this collectible item celebrate a new start!"

A Fantastic Release

 Howdy y’all, this will be a short one. Or rather I mean to say I intend for this to be a short one. You know how I am, hehe. We're very happy with how this release has gone so far! From what I can gather talking with y'all, you're all having fun! I've gotten some enthusiastic messages such as "microwave go MMMMMMMMMMMMMM" from TinyTiger1234 and "Overall a good release!" from Queen__Ruby! Awesome!

A minecraft achievement chat message reading, "PromDog has reached the goal [The Next Generation]

 First order of business: the dragon egg! Over the years of corbing and crafting, corbacrafters have built a tradition of racing to see who can get the dragon egg first. I am happy to report that in a fantastic display of complicated coordinate math and speedrunning strategy, our very own PromDog was the first to reach the end, kill the dragon, and claim her egg. To celebrate, Prom was awarded 1 Mystical Key. Congrats, Prom!!

A minecraft screenshot of PromDog sitting on the Dragon Egg like a mother hen

Second: If you recall, in the last Community Post I held a competition to see who would be the first to find a hidden sign in spawn. The winner of this competition was AxolotlQueen, and for that she was awarded a unique collectible item. I plan on having more silly little events like this in the future, so don't feel bad about missing out on this collectible item! :P

A screenshot of a minecraft lily of the valley titled, "To New Beginnings!". The description says, "May this collectible item celebrate a new start!"

Featured Player

 That's right folks! "Player of the Week" is back, now reworked to "Featured Player". Our first to be featured is KingClawBlazer. I wanted to honor this player this go 'round because there were two things that struck me: 1.) A random act of kindness that warmed my heart, and 2.) A rather entertaining debate and subsequent conversation in #donator-zone on our CC discord server. Congrats!

Discussion and Close

 Before I close this Community Post out, I'd like to end with a discussion question for y'all to chat about on the discord server.

What is your favorite thing about this reset, and how can it be made even better?

 With that, I'll be wrapping up this Community Post! Thank all'a'y'all for reading :]