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May 25, 2023

Community Post #1

A screenshot of the CorbaCraft spawn area.

 Howdy everyone! This is Color, and I’m excited to be posting Community Posts for y’all. We’ll be having fun little events, featured player, featured build, perhaps some trivia, update highlights (not to be confused with full changelogs), and other fun things. This Community Post cycle will be different from the older ones you may remember. Rather than a strict schedule of content and post dates, the contents and dates of the posts will be more unpredictable so it’s less samey. I want you to read the posts, darn it!! /j

 For our first post I will simply be sharing some feature highlights upcoming on the server, with a surprise at the end of the post.

Classes, Bosses, Nations, and Quests? What is this, an RPG?

 That’s right folks, you’re reading this correctly. We’ve got a lot of exciting features this go 'round. Replacing player ranks are classes; Warrior, Farmer, and Miner. Each class will get their own class-exclusive adminshop. Speaking of shops, players will be able to make their own shops with Player Warps. However, you should be aware that there’s also a Black Market on the server. The Black Market might have some interesting items to offer, so be on the lookout for any shady deals ;)

 Next, we’ve got Nations. This system should be familiar to those who had fun with Kingdoms in our last few resets. Nations will be replacing our old claims plugin, and will allow players to create nations and invite other players to join them. You’ll be able to level up your nation, and there’s a new leaderboard for it! Have fun!

 We’ve also got Boss Fights. Boss Fights will be difficult boss battles that will require player cooperation to take down, however, only the player that dealt the most damage will get the reward. Defeating a Boss with the most damage will reward you with a collectible item. Get hunting, gamers!

 Finally, we’ve got Quests. This feature should be most familiar to those who have been with us sometime in the last couple of years. Like before, there’ll be an NPC and GUI menu that will give you objectives to complete for a reward. However, we have a new type of Quest called Deliveries! This is your “fetch quest” you may be familiar with from some video games. An NPC will ask you to get an item for them, and you’ll have a limited time to go find it and bring it back to them.

More information on the new features we’ve got to offer can be found on our website and our wiki.

The Surprise

 I actually have multiple surprises. Surprise!

  • Surprise 1.) The first person to get the dragon egg will be getting 1 Mystical Key!
  • Surprise 2.) I have hidden a sign with a note in spawn. The first person to find it and yell at me on our discord will get 1 collectible item.
  • Surprise 3.) Mob Party returns! I am planning on hosting our first Mob Party this Saturday! Time is TBD as I will be working on Saturday unfortunately, but be ready, darn it!