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May 13, 2023

A New Era

A New Era

A new era is upon us on the Corbacraft server. For the past year we have been lying low and only offering a simple survival experience for all to simply enjoy at a semi-vanilla level. I'm happy to announce we have evolved!

Without further to do I introduce you all to the new Corbacraft.

Mission 1: Gather as much intel has possible.

 We began by promoting two people to Admin who where long overdue. Color and Josh, over the past few years both of these two have become staples to the Corbacraft community. Huge congrats to both of them.

 Colors was assigned a mission quickly, which was to form a player council in which they would work to develop a document outlining what was wanted in a new server. I was promptly provided a document that had a lot of doable ideas that could be expanded upon even more.

Mission 2: Spawn construction and initial development.

Great work by FIreJem and Josh

 Josh's time to shine. Little did I know Josh is super good at project management. Quickly Josh got in touch with FireJem (Solar) who had reached out in the Discord wanting to provide us with a new spawn. The two would go on to create a magnificant new spawn for the server. Completing all additional request I had in what is probably a record breaking time.

 Josh and Colors work didn't stop there. They both had a well kept secret. They're good at config tinkering and kit making. Josh went on to develop what you will all see inside of our crate system. And Color well he made every kit you find on the server. (If yawlllll have crate or kit ideas yell at them please ;) )

Mission 3: Developing the Core.