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Aug 23, 2023

A New Competition! | Community Post #8

 Hey y'all! I wanted to rush another post out to y'all because there are a few things to go over! Firstly, we've got an Art Competition! We made a poll about what y'all thought we should do with our Mascot, Chip. You all voted to retire the poor aging fella. The people have spoken, to the retirement home to be cared for by his creators. More details below.

 Secondly, Prom, Eclipse, and Wave have slain our newest boss!

In Search of a New Mascot!

 You're reading this right! We're in search of a new Mascot! Here's our announcement from the Corbacraft Discord Server in full:

Here is the post in full: https://pastebin.com/Nm8c3115

 We're hoping for some good submissions and lots of fun. Good luck to all!

Bad Guy Slain, Heads Un-Decapitated. Recapitated?

 Congrats to Prom, Eclipse, and Wave for slaying our newest boss, Hoegie! As I said in our previous community post, this rapscallion took our heads. This rudeness seems to be undone now, though mine's on backwards now. Ah well. Thanks!

Featured Player

 Our Featured Player for today's post is Steffan_Lip! Steff was nominated by AxolotlQueen who had the following to say:


 Congrats, Steff!
 Also, Emily- Unfeatured Players are treasured in my heart. I made a spotlight for borderline illegal shenanigans for a reason!!!

Featured Build

 Today's Featured Build is Queen__Ruby's base! It was an anonymous submission, but whoever they were had good taste. See below:


 I love this village that's taking shape. I can't wait to see how it evolves further :D

An Improvement to our Wiki!

 I'd like to thank OtterlyAmazed for contributing to our wiki! Otter redid our claiming section, which you can find here! Thanks, Otter!


 I have considered making a segment in which I just ramble. Let me know what you think.

 Isn't it weird how we wouldn't have creepers without a coding mistake? He who shall not be named (Yeah, Voldemort) was trying to add pigs, but got the x and y axis swapped, creating a pig with a vertical torso rather than a horizontal one. He modified it a bit, changed the skin, and boom! New mob.

 Another example is Microwaves! Perry Spencer was an engineer, and he discovered microwaves could be used to cook things. He was just working on a radar that uses microwaves, and it melted his candy bar! Folks working there tested with other foods, one person even had some food blow up in their face, which I think is hilarious.

 So this got me thinking about how mistakes can often be turned around into something good, and how some things we take for granted would never have been if not for a mistake. That's so wild. What're some mistakes y'all've made that turned out to be a good thing? Let me know in our Discord Server, and if you want these Community Posts to be strictly Corbacraft related, imagine me very sadly going, "okay :(".


 As always, thanks for reading! We hope to see your art in our competition, I hope you're having a good day, and we hope I can finish this sentence with another "I hope...".