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Corbacraft NoPay2Win

Discover Corbacraft, the friendly Minecraft server where everyone plays fair and builds together WITHOUT pay-to-win advantages. Dive into a semi-vanilla world where making friends and building communities are what truly matter.

A Friendly and Balanced Minecraft Experience

Corbacraft strives to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for all those that join our SMP server. It’s important to us that everyone has a balanced playing field that they can all enjoy.

Not Pay2Win

At Corbacraft, integrity is paramount; thus, we proudly abstain from any pay-to-win features, ensuring that every player’s journey is defined by skill, dedication, and fair play.

Land Protection

At Corbacraft, players have the power to safeguard their creations through intuitive land protection and claiming features, ensuring their builds remain secure in our dynamic Minecraft world.

Player Economy

At Corbacraft, we foster a thriving economy rooted in balance, empowering players to engage in trade, commerce, and prosperity within our Minecraft universe.

Friendly Community

At Corbacraft, our community prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere, where friendly players foster a supportive environment, making every adventure enjoyable and memorable.


Corbacraft offers the best of both worlds as a semi-vanilla server, combining the essence of vanilla Minecraft with carefully selected enhancements for a balanced and immersive gameplay experience.

Lag Free

At Corbacraft, enjoy a seamless and lag-free Minecraft journey, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay for all adventurers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer only cosmetic enhancing items withing our server store. Most of these can be obtained by purchasing the Corba+ rank. Purchases of this rank are used to fund the server.

Griefing is not allowed on Corbacraft. We have been a friendly PVE survival community for a very long time. With that being said we do offer PVP arenas where players can compete amongst each other to show off there items.

Staff members can be located in game as well as on Discord. If you have a problem that you believe staff need to address simply open a ticket and we will assist you as soon as we are able. You can also use the “Help-Me” channel to receive help from your fellow players.

Every hour you play you earn 200 claimblocks. You can also earn claimblocks by voting for the server on our vote page. Voting helps us reach a larger audience of players who may be interested in our server.

Absolutely! When claiming your land just remember to /trust (friendName) and they can do all that you can do. We highly encourage players collaborate and make towns with others. Community is the basis of Corbacraft!

YES PLEASE DO! Join our Discord and simply make the suggestion in the suggestion channel. Any and all suggestions are welcome.